Netsuite Goes Retail

Retail is unarguably one of the industries greatly affected by the emergence of technological advances made within the past decade. Competitive pricing and sufficient advertising used to give retailers advantage over the competition. This is no longer the case in the information-driven, customer-centric market of today.

Kaisa Consulting’s A New Era for Retail Infosession at the Netsuite Philippines Head Office last May 19, 2016 focused on the importance of customer engagement and satisfaction as a competitive edge for businesses. Since the consumer now has easy access to the necessary information before making a purchase, customer loyalty is more important than ever.

In order to build customer loyalty, brand presence within the market as well as efficiency in all stages of the retail chain is necessary. Complete business is also indispensable. This is a challenge most standard ERP solutions are not equipped to handle, which is why Kaisa put its years of experience into designing a retail-specific solution on the Netsuite platform.

Drive performance and accelerate growth with a solution that eliminates complexity while scaling with your business.

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