With today’s changing demands and varying customer behaviors, finding the right solution which can accommodate and balance these conditions based on the industry you are in will be of great advantage to your business.

In a study conducted by The CMO Council, in partnership with Pitney Bowes, 85% of consumers agree that a combination of both digital and physical experience is the ideal channel where 86% and 65% for e-mail and phone, respectively, are the channels opted for communication. With these, it can be deduced that customers expect a variety of convenient ways to communicate. With Resulticks, drive growth and facilitate individualized customer experience through its real-time and omnichannel reach.

As a cloud-based marketing automation platform, Resulticks allows businesses to targetedly and efficiently communicate with customers by having real-time conversations which elevate customer acquisition, customer experiences, and brand loyalty. At the same time, Resulticks enables recognition and engagement of brands with consumers and maximize campaigns throughout multiple channels—with the software being an omnichannel solution.  

Below are the following industry segments which Resulticks empowers:

1. BFSI – (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance)

Due to transaction-focused technology services, banks strive to bridge the gap for a more personalized way of banking. Individualize your customers’ banking experience with Resulticks and achieve competitive advantage through marketing automation. From transactional to conversational, enhance banking with real-time and individually customized services.

  • Take note of customer behavior to evaluate suitable messaging and optimal channel in achieving best results through Resulticks’ advanced machine learning which incorporates digital identity management before authentication as well.

  • Be confident to utilize a software which adheres to regulatory requirements and data privacy laws by financial services providers in particular.

  • Evaluate performance and tweak comparative advantages such as maximizing digitally involved customers to the best channel for cross-selling and upselling through Resulticks’ advanced analytic capabilities.

2. Consumer Electronics

The greatest edge you can have in order to optimize competitive advantage is to generate effective and personalized customer experience across channels—from the first click to real-time conversion. Building a strong, personal connection with your customers from the beginning will be the key to retention and eventual brand loyalty.

  • Unify, integrate, and examine large volume of consumer data to produce a coordinated customer view for a precise messaging and an individualized customer journey.

  • Enable brands to develop customized brand experiences based upon customer preferences and tendencies through Resulticks’ sophisticated rules engine and Smart Link technology which adapt to the constantly changing customer behavior like webrooming.

  •  Provide retailers with necessary tools needed in tracking campaign, promoting performance, and improving results and marketing ROI with Resulticks’ predictive, prescriptive, and descriptive analytics.

3. Healthcare

With patients switching to online resources as a mean of navigating preventive, clinical, and other services, it is imperative for healthcare organizations to deeply and proactively engage with customers across all channels as the seamless patient experience has become a critical goal.

  • Allow healthcare organizations to consistently serve customers with excellent patient experience which eventually secures customer loyalty, referrals, and revenue stream through Resulticks’ omnichannel engagement.

  • Consolidate and integrate data from all accessible sources, such as patient records, clinical interactions, and payer transactions, in order to from an organized view of customers while simultaneously securing patient privacy.

  • Engage with tailored interactions based on customer’s health needs, preferences, and tendencies in real-time, regardless of the type of service they are looking for, such as treatment options, assistance, or follow-up services.

4. Real Estate

Since real estate clients are indeed digitally influenced by information loaded on the market, interactive experiences must be generated in every touchpoint and not merely published listings by brokers, developers, and owners. Through Resulticks, construct highly individualized interactions which extends through closing and beyond.

  • Engage prospects in real-time from search, consideration, negotiation, to occupancy with Resulticks’ tools and marketplace intelligence.

  • By solidifying data from every source, such as online transactions and developer databases, Resulticks help shape structure of lead scoring and target prospects based on property interests and behavior patterns.

  • Build consumer trust by directly reacting to price changes, new listings, competing bids, etc. in real-time while obtaining and accounting necessary data performance in tracking listings, inquiries, site visits, transaction schedules, etc. 

5. Retail

A successful retail experience is when sales are improved, brand loyalty is built, and potential profits are expected which requires smooth transitions through a complex set of customer-focused tasks from marketing to purchase to post-sale service as well.

  • Integrate and examine accessible data, such as customer interactions and web browsing habits, to build unified customer perspective and persona for precise targeting of tailored messaging and promotions.

  • Participate in real-time conversations which assists customer brand experience creation based on preferences and present phase in the sale cycle across multiple channels.

  • Monitor campaign performance, modify mid-stream changes, and improve marketing ROI while collaborating with customers, whether online or in-store shopping and purchase, through Resulticks’ omnichannel reach.

6. Telecommunications

Telecoms have rich data sources and easy access to customers through different touchpoints. Combining these various data sources will help build a unified customer view and deliver smooth, real-time conversations to their advantage.

  • Enable precise individual targeting and seamless interactions across a multitude of channels by integrating data, such as billing, POS, and social conversations, from different sources.

  • Lessen drop-offs and guarantee customer loyalty by responding to products, services, or offers, deemed necessary by customers at the moment, in real-time and across all channels.

  • Empower telecoms to track and increase performance, such as customer renewals and collections, and benefit from diminished operating expenses through Resulticks’ advanced analytics.

6. Travel and Hospitality

Given the competitive nature of this industry, optimize channel choices of consumers by constructing reliable purchasing experience, sustaining significant interactions, and providing commendable services, from planning to actual transactions, in real-time.  

  • Consolidate reservations, bookings, and social conversations—for instance—to form a unified view of scoring and leads based on individuals purchasing behaviors.

  • Deliver real-time and omnichannel customer experience by embodying up-to-date customer information, from travel plans to check-ins, irrespective of the device used.

  • Advance travel and hospitality brand by being equipped with tools needed in tracking KPIs such as booking ratios, converted loyalty points, and customer engagement ratings.

8. Beauty and Personal Care

It is important to recognize customer involvement and unique experiences throughout various platforms—from digital to phone, whether online or offline—in order to connect with present-day beauty shoppers. Drive growth through omnichannel individualization with Resulticks.

  • Sustain development and loyalty by enriching relevant real-time messaging, regardless of channel or device utilized.

  • Refine contextual insights that satisfy beauty consumers through the omnichannel journey leading to conversions and connections and merge untapped data sources in order to achieve a unified consumer view which is the key to meaningful, customized interaction.

  • Contextualize interactions with real-time intelligence which utilizes a sophisticated rules engine and optimizes reach and engagement.

With Resulticks’ extensive industry reach and omnichannel platform, be able to optimize business performance across channels, including social media, e-mail, SMS etc., in assisting seamless user journey while integrating data sources virtually anywhere. Be with Resulticks and discover the impact of a cloud-based and omnichannel marketing automation on your industry today.

About the author:

Eliza Tarlac is a content writer for Marketing. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude, major in English Language Studies from the University of Santo Tomas. As a writer, she is passionate in technical, academic, and creative writing where she strives to transform ideas and concepts to help businesses deliver their message and establish their brand.