CFOs on Profits, Payroll and Peer Expectations 500 Respondents Provide a 360°View of Finance Team Roles and Goals NetSuite conducts a survey of small to midmarket companies, seeking to understand how finance leaders, their teams and their peers are managing trends in the greater economy. This time around, we’re also examining where CFOs are concentrating […]

NetSuite Publishing Edition A Cloud Management System for Publishing Companies Publishers need a financial foundation combined with operational components in order to have a unified vision in one system. NetSuite offers cloud software that automates critical business processes and consolidates financial data into a single, unified view even across multiple subsidiaries, with multiple revenue types, […]

7 Steps to Recession-Proof Your Business Positioning for upside during a slow down This business guide offers seven steps CFOs and their companies can take now. Even if a recession never materializes, many of these measures can make your business more resilient and ready for nearly any circumstance. Don’t wait until all you can do […]

Deep Finance Corporate Finance in the Information Age Deep Finance is informative, enlightening, and embraces the innovation all around us – perfect for trailblazing CFOs ready to dive deep into an era of information, analytics, and Big Data.   In Deep Finance, you will:   · Study the history of accounting—and why the age of analytics is the next […]

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Handbook A Cloud Management System for Wholesale Distributors An award-winning software solution by itself will not run your business. It takes a team to do that. In addition to selecting the best cloud solution on the market it takes smart and dedicated people leveraging their business acumen and best practices to expand […]

8 New Ways Manufacturers Can Tackle the Talent Shortage Many manufacturers find it challenging to recruit talented people, but here’s how technology can help empower the manufacturing workforce.   The struggle to find qualified workers is one that requires both quick fixes and major investments that will prevent the talent shortage from being such a pain point down the road. With […]

NetSuite for 3PL A Unified Application to Manage Your 3PL Operations In today’s fast-paced market, successful logistics providers recognize that strengthening their companies’ back-office technology is essential to capitalizing on new opportunities. Having full visibility into key operations—whether for tracking shipments, managing on-time deliveries, or having a consolidated view of financials—can be the difference between […]

NetSuite for Home Furnishing Distributors A Unified Application to Manage Your Home Furnishings Business To make this unified model a reality, home furnishing distributors must develop equipment and process connectivity, data analysis, and software to upgrade their IT footprint. They need business data at their fingertips to make educated business decisions on product lines, revenue […]

BIR CAS + BIR EIS PACKAGE Manage your entire business with NetSuite and SAP (ECC & S/4 HANA) that’s BIR CAS + EIS -compliant. Schedule a free consultation with our solution experts today!

Oracle NetSuite Prepares the Fintech Industry for Success As the FinTech industry evolves, many brands are partnering with Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) firms to help bring their vision to the next level. NetSuite has a wealth of experience working with FinTech companies, PE and VC firms.   Adopting solutions should be value […]

NetSuite Quality Management Inspect, Test, Rework and Report Designing, manufacturing, distributing and selling a product of high quality doesn’t happen by accident, it requires a company-wide commitment to enforce policies and standards. NetSuite’s Quality Management solution has been designed to help you deliver the highest quality in your products with minimal overhead regardless of the […]

BIR EIS The BIR’s plan for digital transformation is slowly taking place. Let’s meet and discuss your business’ BIR EIS Implementation plans for hassle-free compliance. Take this opportunity to explore and discover how Kaisa can help your business. Sign up now.

NetSuite for Freight Forwarding Companies A Unified Application to Manage Your Freight Forwarding Operations In the past, freight forwarders fought for market share by increasing the speed of delivery and decreasing costs. Technological advances, however, are allowing companies to find new ways to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market. Recognizing these changes, customers are […]

NetSuite Warehouse Management System Streamline Your Warehouse Operations NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) optimizes day-to-day warehouse operations using industry-leading best practices. With intelligent pick-and-pack processes, handheld barcode scanning, cycle counting and integration with shipping systems, you’ll run your warehouse more efficiently and minimize handling costs. NetSuite WMS guides users through important tasks, from receiving and […]

Precision Medical Unlocks the Full Suite of NetSuite Applications Medical Supplies and Services Business Supports Rapid Growth with Unified Suite When it first began evaluating ERP systems, Precision Medical Products wanted a platform that would allow the manufacturer and distributor to start small but support the growth and major changes it expected. COO and CFO […]

Cloud ERP Helps Meat Wholesalers Improve Profitability and Operational Efficiency When combined with industry-specific capabilities, cloud ERP helps wholesale companies improve their business management processes, access consolidated business dashboards, and improve their profitability on every order. With the aging, legacy systems and spreadsheets that they’ve relied on for decades, meat wholesalers grapple with problems like […]

NetSuite for Building Materials Distributors One System to Manage Your Building Materials Business As the world becomes more and more connected, upgrading a business’s IT environment is no longer a means to get ahead—it’s a requirement to keep pace. Building materials distributors seeking to capitalize on new global opportunities need to unify their product development, […]

How Companies Use Technology to Tackle the Challenges of Standard and Variable Weight When the weight of a product that’s been procured, sold or shipped can’t be neatly categorized into traditional buckets like ounces, pounds, blocks, or cases—and when trading partners rely on different measures of quantifying those amounts—catch weight helps even out those differences. […]

Make the Switch Companies are switching to the #1 Cloud ERP, NetSuite More and more companies are switching to NetSuite, the true Cloud ERP. Get these critical operations processes in a unified platform: ✅Accounting✅Order Management✅Inventory Management✅Purchase Management✅Supply Chain Management Talk to us today to get a free demo and tailored fit quotation.

NetSuite for Emerging Retailers As the global economy continues to grow and technology continues to advance, growing retailers are finding themselves more equipped and better positioned than ever to prosper.   One of NetSuite’s central goals is to create a system that fits the needs of companies of all sizes. With 20 years of best […]

Using WMS to Create Your Optimal Warehouse Expected to be the largest retail channel in the next two years, ecommerce sales will account for 60% of total global retail sales increase. Ecommerce has changed the way companies set up, organize and orchestrate their warehouse operations. With the focus on delivering smaller orders faster and more […]

NetSuite SuitePayments Centralize, Streamline and Simplify Your Payment Acceptance Needs Providing digital payment options like credit cards and ACH, can increase sales and improve cash flow. Working with multiple payment processing systems, however, creates challenges for sales, order management and accounting staff. SuitePayments accommodates all of your payment acceptance needs whether you’re taking payments online […]

NetSuite for Industrial Supply Distributors One System to Manage Your Industrial Supply Business At the core of these issues impacting long-term success, we see a trend: industrial suppliers relying on spreadsheets, aging on-premise systems, point solutions, or worse, a combination of all three. With NetSuite’s unified model, industrial supply distributors can stop wasting time and […]

Critical Components to Achieving the Perfect Order Product-based companies must constantly meet and exceed ever-changing customer expectations. It’s what keeps shoppers coming back to your business. Delivering on customer expectations comes from the ability to complete the perfect order: Getting the right products delivered at the best price, when and where they want. For merchants, […]

Inventory Management Fuels Supply Chain Optimization For most businesses, the supply chain is not only the primary cost center but one of the most challenging aspects of running a profitable operation. Indeed, today’s global supply chain introduces complexities that create challenges across the organization. Businesses struggle with how to deploy inventory in the right quantity, […]

NetSuite’s Franchisor Add-On Module Serves Streamlined Workflows For Time-Strapped Restaurant Franchises Running a restaurant franchise is a growth methodology, where the franchisor is using the franchisee’s investment to grow their brand and standards across a wider demographic. To maintain consistency, it’s absolutely necessary for the franchisor to supply a full set of procedures and standards […]

The Right Stuff Managing Inventory to Enable Agility for Manufacturing and Distribution Companies Inventory is the lifeblood of any manufacturer, brand owner, or wholesale distributor. Managing inventory well is the key to success: driving sales, profitability, cash flow, and customer loyalty. When a manufacturing or distribution business is first getting started, it may be able […]

How to Make a Next Generation Store A Right Now Store In today’s world, every consumer is an omnichannel consumer. Shoppers are influenced by your brand in a multitude of ways and often engage with your business through many channels. That’s why it’s important for retailers to start thinking like consumers who don’t view separate […]

Inventory and Supply Chain Management Executive challenges and best practices Small- and midsize companies often don’t know what they don’t know. Survey respondents do recognize that they face a range of issues related to inventory management. Many small businesses can’t track inventory, even manually.   Situations arise where expenses are incurred or sales are lost […]

Inventory Management Made Easy How to Avoid Manual QuickBooks Imports Startups initially tend to manage their inventory manually, entering inventory data into QuickBooks to integrate it with financials. But as a company grows and/or starts adding sales channels, this method becomes time consuming and more prone to errors. The next natural step to solve this […]

The 80/20 CFO The Guide to Making Strategic Transformations in your Company What makes one CFO come in and able to make lasting and sustainable transformations inside an organization whereas other CFOs struggle to make a difference?   This book is about helping CFO’s figure out what they need to do and more importantly how […]

NetSuite Integrations Integration Options and Technology NetSuite cloud integration practices ensure the accessibility of your data by integrating through a wide array of tools by utilizing Open Standard API’s to communicate and exchange data with other applications. NetSuite provides SOAP and REST API frameworks, event notifications and callouts, CSV file imports, SQL connectors, integration solutions […]

CFO Guide 4 Inflation Metrics to Watch Now Inflation is here, and unless you were managing a business in 1982, you’re not used to planning for it. Inflation averaged just 1.7% in the 10 years prior to 2020 – that is below the Fed’s 2% objective and was a key factor in its loose monetary […]

NetSuite Starter Package Invest in ERP software today!  Good News! We have launched our first-ever limited edition NetSuite Starter Package exclusively for all SMEs. Operate more effectively by automating these core processes with NetSuite – an all-in-one cloud business management solution.   • Accounting – Consolidate your cash flow, budgets, payments, POS, and more to produce accurate reports […]

NetSuite Order Management Flexible, Flawless Fulfillment Today’s business environment demands efficient, transparent and automated order fulfillment. It’s what differentiates your business and creates loyal customers who buy more and become brand advocates. NetSuite Order Management enables you to meet and exceed rising customer expectations for quick, accurate order fulfillment, while profitably scaling your business.   […]

Driving Inventory ROI: How CFOs Can Maximize Cash Flow and Minimize Loss With Better Visibility Into the Connection Between Inventory and Financials, CFOs Can Increase Profitability The right plan and the right technology can go a long way toward improving inventory decisions in a way that boosts cash flow. Finance chiefs need systems that provide […]

Inflation Nation 9 Creative Ways Product Companies Can Minimize the Impact The inflation rate jumped to 7% in 2021, and in a recent Conference Board survey, 55% of 900 CEOs said they expect price pressures to persist until at least 2023. Learn these 9 creative ways for B2B/B2C companies to minimize the impact of inflation. […]

3 Top CFOs Reveal Their Winning Formulas Finance Chiefs From Fast-Growing Businesses on Achieving Success, the Job and What the Future Holds It’s not exactly news that finance execs have taken on more strategic roles and earned prominent seats at the decision-making table. But what does that look like in practice? What challenges are they […]

8 Actions to Manage Inflation Expert-Backed Strategies for Proactive CFOs As consumer prices and global energy costs edge ever higher, it’s become clear that this bout of inflation isn’t transitory. Economists and business leaders alike agree that supply-chain-driven hikes will persist through the majority of this year at least, with stickier increases around labor possibly […]

Four Reasons to Use NetSuite Financial and Operational Data With NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Successful business modelling, forecasting, and reporting can be incredibly difficult parts of a business’s operations. Frequent swings in consumer demand or delays in supply chains can compound the difficulty. But fundamentally, without an accurate and reliable flow of transactional and operational […]

Four Secrets to Providing Better Customer Service Sales and customer service employees are usually your company’s most “customer-facing” roles. It is more important than ever that everyone in your company, in both the front-office and back-office, is prepared with the right tools and data to serve your customers.   Without a single, centralized repository of […]

5 Steps to Improving Efficiency in Finance and Accounting As the role of the CFO has evolved in recent years to encompass diversity and sustainability, long-term growth and technology leadership, so too have the responsibilities of controllers and other financial managers. Once focused primarily on tactical record keeping, today’s finance departments have become integral to […]

The Data-Driven CFO Refocusing on the KPIs That Matter Businesses have experienced seismic operational shifts over the past few years. Supply chain issues, talent shortages and demand fluctuations now look increasingly like ongoing, long-term challenges. As a result, many finance leaders have become resilience experts, moving quickly from one crisis to the next. Meanwhile, the […]

How to Raise Capital for Business Growth Too many entrepreneurs make the mistake of viewing raising capital as a marker of success. It’s not! You don’t need to raise capital to be successful—for instance, in many situations, raising venture capital isn’t wise. Yes, raising capital can be a smart strategic decision to enable or accelerate […]

7 Top Priorities for the C-Suite and Their Lieutenants Where They’re Spending—and Why For companies looking to rebound after the pandemic-induced recession, business conditions have presented a few obstacles: long-term supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, inflation, changing regulations and COVID-19 surges, just to name a few.    Key Takeaways:     • The manufacturing and […]

How to Improve Cash Management in NetSuite NetSuite can be a powerful tool to help improve a business’s cash flow. Receiving invoices, sending payments, managing deposits, and closing the books are just some things a business needs to do efficiently to better manage cash.     The following tips will help you understand and better […]

How to Fill More Orders With Less Labor Why Mobile Scanning is Easier Than You Think Ecommerce sales grew an incredible 44% in 2020 according to estimates from Digital Commerce. Yet, the percentage of overall sales coming from commerce channels has been on the rise for years even before the shutdowns brought on by COVID-19. […]’s-Guide-to-Structuring-for-Growth-FBIG.png

The CFO’s Guide to Structuring for Growth In 2020, necessity drove technology adoption, as well as the earnest effort to use it well. As the economy rights itself, technology adoption doesn’t feel quite as critical, though it’s still high on the priority list for many companies, according to our most recent survey, from December 2020. […]

NetSuite Supply and Demand Planning Easily Balance Demand and Supply Throughout Your Supply Chain NetSuite Demand Planning supports both demand and supply planning capabilities. NetSuite Supply and Demand Planning helps balance supply and demand in a way that provides businesses the right combination of cost control, accurate lead times and service level. Using inventory management […]’s-Guide-to-Cash-Management-FBLI.png

CFO’s Guide to Cash Management Managing cash flow has always been imperative for finance professionals but the supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, evolving customer expectations and interruptions in global trade of the past few years have brought it into sharp relief. Even as cash flow has taken on added importance, many businesses are still struggling […]

Managing Inventory for Your Services Business Managing inventory manually using pen and paper or spreadsheets is time consuming and error prone. Worse, some businesses aren’t tracking it at all. Services companies likely do not have a person dedicated to managing inventory and may not have someone dedicated to purchasing that inventory either. As a result, […]’s-Guide-to-ARAP-Automation-FBLI.png

The CFO’s Guide to AR/AP Automation As businesses go from dozens of customers to hundreds and eventually thousands, processes that once served the company well no longer support growth. Many finance teams routinely back funding updates that let business units scale efficiently while ignoring their own department’s process improvement needs.    The AR/AP team is […]

6 Steps to Reduce Carrying Costs and Increase Profits As supply chain disruptions continue to plague businesses, many are seeking to shift from temporary fixes to strategic long-term changes that will help them minimize the impact of supplier backorders, shipping delays and labor shortages.   Carrying costs are one of the hidden, variable expenses, that […]

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Flexible, Easy to Use Budgeting Solution Budgeting using spreadsheets typically results in less collaboration, more inefficiency and is error prone. Excel is a powerful personal productivity tool, however, it lacks the collaborative capabilities necessary to develop the accurate and comprehensive budgets required by executive management, the board or lenders. NetSuite Planning […]

Improving the Return on Returns 9 Strategies for Improving Reverse Logistics For many products-based companies, returned goods are an afterthought. They’re seen as simply a cost of doing business, and the fastest way to get rid of them is usually the preferred option.     Too often, recovering as much money as possible from these orders […]

Project Accounting Effectively Invoice Clients for Better Cash Flow and Customer Experience Knowing the correct amount to bill isn’t always easy. Billing for projects with multiple deliverables spread over weeks, months or even years requires detailed project tracking. Keeping an accurate record of tasks completed, hours worked, pass-through costs and other details is essential whether […]

How Data Management Makes Managing Marketplaces Easier Marketplace channels can help increase brand awareness and drive new sales, but managing all the data can also be a major maintenance undertaking for many sellers. NetSuite simplifies marketplace selling by becoming a central hub for all your company’s data. With the NetSuite Connector, you can automatically transfer […]’s-Guide-to-Planning-and-Analysis-FBLI.png

The CFO’s Guide to Planning and Analysis How to Hit Your Goals and Be Ready for What’s Next Perhaps the biggest lesson to come out of 2020 for businesses was the value of constantly assessing operating conditions and adjusting plans in response to changing market realities. Virtually all companies have had to establish procedures to […]

SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching Ideal for SAP Landscapes Your company depends on your SAP systems for business operations that control costs and drive revenue. SUSE® Linux Enterprise Live Patching gives you the flexibility to keep your SAP landscape stable and secure without the unexpected planned downtime typically associated with Linux kernel patches. Combined with […]

Simplify Infrastructure Management for SAP Deployments Minimize infrastructure complexity, drive IT efficiency, and improve service delivery with a growing list of automation features and tools built into the SUSE portfolio Working with SAP in the SAP Linux Lab in Walldorf, Germany, SUSE engineers are constantly developing new features and tools to help your IT team […]

Leading Practices for Accounting and Financials A Pathway to Success With thousands of successful implementations, NetSuite has a deep understanding of businesses across all sectors and the many financial challenges they face. As the pace of change accelerates—especially for those still relying on aged, on-premise ERP systems—companies are struggling to keep up. While they strive […]

A Pathway to Success Leading Practices for Wholesale Distribution With thousands of successful implementations, NetSuite has a deep understanding of wholesale distribution businesses across all sectors and the many challenges they face.   NetSuite has packaged nearly two decades of experience from thousands of wholesale distribution deployments into a set of leading practices that paves […]

NetSuite Services Wholesale Distribution Industry NetSuite Services offers companies in the wholesale distribution industry support for the full lifecycle of your business—from the initial NetSuite implementation with our exclusive SuiteSuccess methodology—to our online training services with Learning Cloud Support—to continuous managed services with Advanced Customer Support.   We help distributors seamlessly transition to the cloud […]

Say Goodbye to Downtime Keep your SAP services up and running with SUSE Digital transformation initiatives put pressure on your IT organization to adapt to requirements for delivering innovative new services that are reliable and secure.   As a result, you are under constant pressure to provide continual uptime in the data center to meet […]

NetSuite CRM Manage the Complete Customer Lifecycle Today’s successful companies adapt to their customer’s needs. Where possible, they have replaced manual processes with automated ones to improve responsiveness. NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) delivers powerful capabilities all in a single cloud solution, including sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer service and support. NetSuite CRM […]

The Business Benefits of Choosing the Right Linux for SAP Systems Managing costs while also maintaining system availability is important to any IT organization. However, pressure from the business to deliver innovative services faster does not usually come with a budget increase.   When choosing a Linux platform for your SAP environment, it is not […]

NetSuite for Wholesale Distributors Transform Your Distribution Business With Software Built for the Cloud Wholesale distributors have had to adapt to rapid and significant change and will need to stay agile in order to remain competitive.   Using NetSuite, distributors can run their businesses on a single, unified platform reducing IT costs and gaining comprehensive, […]

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is uniquely designed to deliver reduced downtime of critical operations with a built-in business continuity, including an advanced high availability solution and automated data recovery for SAP HANA.   It includes SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as a fast, reliable and secure […]

6 Tips for Tackling Physical Inventory Counts Physical inventory counts are a necessary evil for just about any company that manufactures, distributes or sells products. They’re critical to business understanding and managing its inventory position and creating accurate financial statements. But that doesn’t mean your physical counts need to be as time-consuming and painful as […]

Finance Hacks for a Faster Close How Continuous Accounting Saves Time and Keeps You Compliant In today’s ever-changing business environment, organizations need real-time information and metrics to inform decisions and quickly evaluate results. This is possible only with continuous accounting. Companies that fail to adopt this approach, clinging instead to traditional accounting processes, will rely […]

NetSuite for Small and Startup Distributors While software startups have overwhelmed Silicon Valley, what many do not realize is that a different industry is on the rise—wholesale distribution. As technology continues to advance, small and startup distributors are finding themselves more equipped and better positioned than ever to prosper.   Download this whitepaper and discover […]

How to Drive Companywide Continuous Planning Initiatives Perhaps the biggest lesson to come out of the new normal for businesses was the value of constantly assessing operating conditions and adjusting plans in response to changing market realities.   The result was, for most, procedures developed to help business leaders manage cash flows and satisfy changing […]

Overstocks, Stockouts and Backorders, Oh My! How to Balance Your Inventory With Accurate Forecasting Maintaining the right levels of inventory can have big impacts on your bottom line, customer satisfaction and overall business success.   With supply chains and customer demand changing rapidly, it can be hard to accurately forecast the right amount of inventory. […]

Empowering Companies to Reach beyond the Limitations of QuickBooks See Why Companies Switch from QuickBooks to Cloud Financials For most businesses, the key to resilience lies in having stable cash flow and control over your inventory. But with that comes the need for a complex accounting system and stronger financial and inventory controls.   Many […]

Why Retailers Are Adopting Cloud Financials to Accelerate Growth As a retail business scales, it is clear that alternatives to hairball of applications are needed, but the path forward isn’t always well-defined.   Running complex business processes across areas such as financial management, revenue management, fixed assets, procurement, order management, billing, inventory management, services delivery […]

5 Tricks to Make Your ERP Implementation a Success Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can be a complex undertaking and affects many parts of a business. All phases of a typical ERP implementation have specific objectives, although they may vary slightly from one company to another.   In this guide, we discuss how […]

NetSuite Work Orders and Assemblies Light Assembly for Manufacturers and Distributors NetSuite can be easily configured to support the needs of manufacturers of all types and sizes, and for many the first step is to implement the Work Orders and Assemblies module. Enabling this feature allows users to define assembly items, build complex multi-level bill […]

NetSuite for Brand Manufacturers A Recipe for Success: One System to Manage Your Entire Business As the world becomes more and more connected, upgrading your IT environment is no longer a means to get ahead—it’s a requirement to keep pace. Brand manufacturers seeking to capitalize on new global opportunities need to unify their product development, […]

NetSuite for Fast-Growing Manufacturers With the emergence of new tools, resources and intermediaries, manufacturing startups are finding themselves more equipped than ever before to prosper. Yet, these manufacturers face unique barriers to growth when compared to their software startup cousins. Beyond product ideation and development, manufacturing startups need to act big to play in the […]

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing A Single, Unified Solution to Drive Manufacturing Excellence NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing offers a comprehensive functionality and is specifically designed to help manufacturers of all sizes reduce operating costs, increase revenue and better manage their business and supply chain processes overall. NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing is built on native NetSuite ERP, ensuring manufacturing processes […]

Next Ready Financials Why Fast-Growing Manufacturers Adopt NetSuite’s Cloud ERP to Accelerate Growth Over the years, small to midsized manufacturing companies have pieced together a patchwork of applications to run their operations. From accounting to order fulfilment, to sales and marketing, a hairball of applications exists across millions of manufacturing businesses. This infrastructure will not […]

Unifying Financials and Inventory Why Retailers are Moving From QuickBooks to NetSuite The system landscape of many companies, either in startup or complacency mode, includes QuickBooks as a financial management system and an “add-on” inventory management system.   However, both systems have their limitations, which ultimately impact a company’s ability to innovate, scale and grow. […]

How to Pick an Inventory Management Solution That Positions Your Business for Success For any company that’s operating in today’s dynamic environment, inventory management is one area where “agility” truly counts. With the right inventory management solution in place, businesses can flex and adapt quickly regardless of market conditions, challenges or changing business models. Access […]

Eight Signs Technology is Holding Your Business Back Are you ready to turbo-charge your business? Tired of struggling with an entry-level accounting software, fragmented reporting and never-ending IT costs? Switching from an entry-level accounting system to NetSuite’s cloud solution enables companies to lower costs, streamline key business processes, boost productivity and be more competitive. Manage […]

6 Ways to Run a More Profitable Business Increased profits are both a top success factor, and, along with achieving revenue goals, a major source of anxiety for the past years. This report is the covers executives’ key priorities and worries as it relates to business profitability and six profit-building strategies to meet and exceed […]

A Finance Director’s Guide to Period Close For High-Growth Organizations For many organizations, closing the books at the end of a financial period remains a time-consuming, cumbersome and stressful process with late nights for staff and seemingly endless re-checking of information.   A faster period close will deliver considerable value to the organization—giving more relevant […]

High Impact Planning and Budgeting For All Types of Growth Learn how to streamline your planning and budgeting processes and to produce forecasts and targets that are fresh, relevant and actionable. In this white paper, we consider an approach to budgeting and planning that is based on best practices and leveraging the cloud. We discuss: […]

The SuiteSuccess Difference Agile, Cost-Effective ERP For The Businesses of Today and Tomorrow Get business-ready from Day 1 with pre-built workflows, KPI reports, dashboards and metrics for each role with the flexibility to customize to preference. In this infographic, discover how Oracle NetSuite brings 20 years of best practices to the SuiteSuccess solution to help […]

Overcoming the 9 Key Financial Challenges All Small Businesses Face How to Conquer Cash Flow, Payroll, Taxes and More There are nine financial challenges that almost every business—new or otherwise—confronts at one time or another, and addressing them is crucial to keeping the doors open. From cash flow management to closing the books on time, […]

Leading Practices for SuiteSuccess Starter A Pathway to Success For organizations of all sizes looking for an all inclusive ERP solution, NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess delivers a unified and phased pathway for companies to succeed and scale their business.    • Continuous Customer Lifecycle Engagement to ensure seamless continuity from sales to services to support.   • […]

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective CFOs Technical and Behavioral Skills to Lead Your Business Forward The days when the chief financial officer was primarily responsible for internal controls and compliance are long gone. While financial discipline remains critical, today’s CFOs have far more responsibility than their predecessors did, playing key roles in developing strategy, […]’S-THE-TECHNOLOGY-GROWING-BUSINESSES-ARE-INVESTING-IN-RIGHT-NOW-FBLI-v2.png

Here’s the Technology Growing Businesses are Investing in Right Now “Digital transformation” is an industry buzzword, but not many people understand what digital innovation encompasses. Download the infographic to figure out what digital innovation really means and how companies are investing in it.   • What are growing businesses investing in?   • How many […]’s-Playbook-FBLI.png

The Controller’s Playbook Balancing Process and Strategy as the Role Evolves Just as the CFO role has in recent years incorporated change management and long-term growth initiatives, the role of controllers is also evolving. While controllers have always exhibited logic, attention to detail and a process-centric mindset, their expanded role requires soft skills around leadership, […]

NetSuite Demand Planning Reducing Inventory, Increasing Turns, Reducing Lead Times A powerful, innovative tool that helps your business manage inventory more efficiently, reducing lead times and surplus inventory through predictions of required inventory based on historical demand and sales forecasts. Get this whitepaper to know how NetSuite Demand Planning can help your business to:   […]

A Holiday Shopping Season Like No Other Four Keys to Success Signs that this year’s holiday season will be different is already abound. Businesses with a physical store presence confront new and unprecedented considerations for this holiday shopping season. Amidst the uncertainty, retailers still need to prepare. Download this white paper to learn the methods, […]

Business Leaders Eye Growth: 12 Months and Beyond In Optimism, Finance Leads the Way The headline financial news of 2021 has been a rebounding economy and the resulting challenges and opportunities around supply and demand. Data about the recovery often focuses on how large enterprises or wide swaths of the economy are faring. But a […]

Inventory Management Hacks for the Holidays How to Ensure a More Successful, More Profitable Holiday Season Retailers make at least 20% of their annual revenue during the holiday rush, and typically more. The lull beforehand is always a good time to get inventory management processes and systems in order. But this year’s unique supply chain […]

Top 10 Finance Processes to Automate Now How Automation Can Help You Reduce Costs and Scale Your Business There are key steps businesses can take to start automating processes and realizing the benefits of doing so. Many companies begin by leveraging technologies to automate different parts of the accounting and financial processes. Financial data is […]

Compliance Ready NetSuite Third Party, Audited Reports Within any organization, to minimize errors, misstatements and fraud, a system of good internal controls is necessary. Part of that system should include access to third party reports and certifications issued by external auditors for a customer’s vendors and service providers. This business guide lists down several independent, […]

Five Critical Steps to Prepare Your Business for New Funding While the paths are different, the steps to prepare a finance organization for an IPO or to seek private equity converge in many ways. They both require a historical view of data and real-time access to financial and operational data to satisfy stakeholder concerns, make […]

Build or Buy a Data Warehouse? The Pros and Cons Making informed business decisions has always been a challenge for companies of any size. Assembling, cleansing, verifying and ultimately analyzing data requires difficult work and expertise. With the right BI tools, they can eliminate troublesome data silos and optimize business operations to gain a competitive […]’s-Guide-to-Recurring-Revenue-FBLI.png

The CFO’s Guide to Recurring Revenue 5 Major Obstacles and the Keys to Overcome Them From Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and movies on demand, to subscription boxes and online memberships, recurring revenue models are changing the nature of business, creating new opportunities for some and disrupting others. Whether you’re planning a new venture, transforming an established company […]’s-Corporate-CFO.jpg

Why ERP Flexibility is Critical for Today’s Corporate CFO The Role of Cloud-Based Software in Adapting Business Models Does your company also consider your IT infrastructure restructured? As the pandemic hit, the pressure is on in finding an agile and resilient business software that can help their organizations grow, scale and adapt to change. Many […]

Is managing physical data centers becoming risky? Integrate AWS now to mitigate future challenges of maintaining servers by having an IT infrastructure that is reliable and scalable. Discover how AboitizLand was able to achieve a flexible, scalable and reliable IT infrastructure by migrating their SAP to AWS.

Digital transformation is evolving how every business operates, providing you with new opportunities to proactively connect and add value to your customers and prospects. The upheaval of the last year accelerated a seismic shift affecting all businesses. Focusing on digital transformation ensures businesses are staying competitive by identifying and implementing the right intelligent digital solutions. […]

Living in this present-day digital industry, companies continuously search for indicators which serve as a reminder whether new processes are to be adapted to business operations. To keep up in the modern digital platform, strengthening customer engagement is also one of the key aspects that identifies how to boost business flow. It is ideal then […]

Over the last two weeks, the pandemic’s full implications have become evident to everyone, not just in today’s society, but in the technological world as well. With the disruptive impact of COVID-19, employees were advised to remain at home and operate remotely to reduce the spread of the virus. It has become a reality check […]

The abrupt and unforeseen rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has left every business in a state of unease and apprehension. With the need to stay at home and practice social distancing in order not to further spread said virus, the daily operations of businesses has been greatly disrupted. Each industry is currently experiencing the impact […]

In 2018, recruitment company conducted a survey that involved 2,400 professionals across Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines in order to grasp the challenges and issues of career switching. Among 1,264 respondents, 63% of professionals in the Philippines expressed desire to change career paths, in which 88% considered shifting to a profession beyond their area […]

Due to the increasing sales profit, short-lived market values, and unpredictable customer expectations, Retailers cannot simply make second-guessed choices when concrete decisions are strongly needed. Businesses, both large and small, accumulate immense volumes of data that may be structured or unstructured. Given this circumstance, Retailers significantly need an approach which will help them coordinate data […]

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner of a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), you are part of the most competitive business group in the Philippines. MSMEs accounted for 99.52% of operating firms according to the Philippine Statistics Authority. The more your competitors are, the more entrepreneurs and business owners need to gain control […]

With today’s changing demands and varying customer behaviors, finding the right solution which can accommodate and balance these conditions based on the industry you are in will be of great advantage to your business. In a study conducted by The CMO Council, in partnership with Pitney Bowes, 85% of consumers agree that a combination of […]

As you take the route with SAP, it is important to consider significant factors before pursuing the path you are about to take. First, you need to identify your career goals. What do you want to achieve? As you intend to take your profession to the next level, it is necessary to know which program […]

In line with the pursuance of expanding product offerings, Kaisa Consulting acknowledges with appreciation its recently established partnership with marketing automation platform Resulticks. Announcing its vision of broadening their presence in Southeast Asia, Resulticks launched series of Brand Exchange Events last September in Bangkok, Thailand, Jakarta, Indonesia, and Manila, Philippines as an avenue for the […]

When it comes to providing ERP solutions and business operations management, SAP is widely recognized and trusted worldwide for its expertise. As a result, the number of people considering SAP is rapidly increasing and because of this, IT professionals and career shifters aim for SAP as their initial or next career move. If you want […]

Businesses that predominantly monitor customer behaviors and virtually pinpoint certain locations when tracing mobility, no doubt, have a large amount of data at hand. With this, analyzing and providing an interpretation regarding your data is one of the greatest challenges for companies since several figures are not primarily organized or grouped which will also take […]

If you are currently using or actually planning to implement an SAP legacy software—SAP ERP, BW, and CRM—better think again. By 2025, SAP will conclude maintenance and support for said legacy software as systems will solely operate in a single SAP HANA database. The 2025 deadline entails that businesses may no longer receive customer updates, […]

Since SAP raised the bar in terms of ERP solutions, being an SAP expert gives you an edge in the vast market and ever-changing environment of information technology. For that reason, IT practitioners or career-shifters persistently consider SAP in order to gain more job opportunities and compensation. But how can you be an SAP expert […]

This is no ordinary ‘another day, another dollar’ type of day—no. For a Finance head, this is the day where all the pent up stress and frustrations finally struck him. With all the tight report deadlines which make things more complicated at work, he is in dire need of a solution that will allow him […]

In an increasingly automated and technology savvy world, we want things fast or we want it now. A customer has many channel options to buy particular products – from Brick-and-Mortar stores to Online shopping, or shop in an Omni-channel approach. Not to mention these retailers face competition within their own industry. But whether customers shop […]

So your organization has seen spectacular reviews and demos of Tableau Software and are ready to go for a Business Intelligence (BI) project. I write this article in order to suggest a way on how to approach implementing Tableau if your organization is implementing BI for the first time. First, I want to describe what […]

Business Transformation for Engineering, Construction, and Operations Kaisa Consulting debunks the most common business challenges of the Engineering, Construction, and Operations industry in the Philippines with S/4HANA. Rapid growth – in the absence of powerful technology – comes with an increased difficulty in meeting business challenges. With its growth forecasted to be 7.5% and 8.9% […]