The 7 Habits of Highly Effective CFOs Technical and Behavioral Skills to Lead Your Business Forward The days when the chief financial officer was primarily responsible for internal controls and compliance are long gone. While financial discipline remains critical, today’s CFOs have far more responsibility than their predecessors did, playing key roles in developing strategy, […]’S-THE-TECHNOLOGY-GROWING-BUSINESSES-ARE-INVESTING-IN-RIGHT-NOW-FBLI-v2.png

Here’s the Technology Growing Businesses are Investing in Right Now “Digital transformation” is an industry buzzword, but not many people understand what digital innovation encompasses. Download the infographic to figure out what digital innovation really means and how companies are investing in it.   • What are growing businesses investing in?   • How many […]’s-Playbook-FBLI.png

The Controller’s Playbook Balancing Process and Strategy as the Role Evolves Just as the CFO role has in recent years incorporated change management and long-term growth initiatives, the role of controllers is also evolving. While controllers have always exhibited logic, attention to detail and a process-centric mindset, their expanded role requires soft skills around leadership, […]

NetSuite Demand Planning Reducing Inventory, Increasing Turns, Reducing Lead Times A powerful, innovative tool that helps your business manage inventory more efficiently, reducing lead times and surplus inventory through predictions of required inventory based on historical demand and sales forecasts. Get this whitepaper to know how NetSuite Demand Planning can help your business to:   […]

A Holiday Shopping Season Like No Other Four Keys to Success Signs that this year’s holiday season will be different is already abound. Businesses with a physical store presence confront new and unprecedented considerations for this holiday shopping season. Amidst the uncertainty, retailers still need to prepare. Download this white paper to learn the methods, […]

Business Leaders Eye Growth: 12 Months and Beyond In Optimism, Finance Leads the Way The headline financial news of 2021 has been a rebounding economy and the resulting challenges and opportunities around supply and demand. Data about the recovery often focuses on how large enterprises or wide swaths of the economy are faring. But a […]

Inventory Management Hacks for the Holidays How to Ensure a More Successful, More Profitable Holiday Season Retailers make at least 20% of their annual revenue during the holiday rush, and typically more. The lull beforehand is always a good time to get inventory management processes and systems in order. But this year’s unique supply chain […]

Top 10 Finance Processes to Automate Now How Automation Can Help You Reduce Costs and Scale Your Business There are key steps businesses can take to start automating processes and realizing the benefits of doing so. Many companies begin by leveraging technologies to automate different parts of the accounting and financial processes. Financial data is […]

Compliance Ready NetSuite Third Party, Audited Reports Within any organization, to minimize errors, misstatements and fraud, a system of good internal controls is necessary. Part of that system should include access to third party reports and certifications issued by external auditors for a customer’s vendors and service providers. This business guide lists down several independent, […]

Five Critical Steps to Prepare Your Business for New Funding While the paths are different, the steps to prepare a finance organization for an IPO or to seek private equity converge in many ways. They both require a historical view of data and real-time access to financial and operational data to satisfy stakeholder concerns, make […]