Five Critical Steps to Prepare Your Business for New Funding While the paths are different, the steps to prepare a finance organization for an IPO or to seek private equity converge in many ways. They both require a historical view of data and real-time access to financial and operational data to satisfy stakeholder concerns, make […]

Build or Buy a Data Warehouse? The Pros and Cons Making informed business decisions has always been a challenge for companies of any size. Assembling, cleansing, verifying and ultimately analyzing data requires difficult work and expertise. With the right BI tools, they can eliminate troublesome data silos and optimize business operations to gain a competitive […]’s-Guide-to-Recurring-Revenue-FBLI.png

The CFO’s Guide to Recurring Revenue 5 Major Obstacles and the Keys to Overcome Them From Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and movies on demand, to subscription boxes and online memberships, recurring revenue models are changing the nature of business, creating new opportunities for some and disrupting others. Whether you’re planning a new venture, transforming an established company […]’s-Corporate-CFO.jpg

Why ERP Flexibility is Critical for Today’s Corporate CFO The Role of Cloud-Based Software in Adapting Business Models Does your company also consider your IT infrastructure restructured? As the pandemic hit, the pressure is on in finding an agile and resilient business software that can help their organizations grow, scale and adapt to change. Many […]