Inventory Management Made Easy How to Avoid Manual QuickBooks Imports Startups initially tend to manage their inventory manually, entering inventory data into QuickBooks to integrate it with financials. But as a company grows and/or starts adding sales channels, this method becomes time consuming and more prone to errors. The next natural step to solve this […]

The 80/20 CFO The Guide to Making Strategic Transformations in your Company What makes one CFO come in and able to make lasting and sustainable transformations inside an organization whereas other CFOs struggle to make a difference?   This book is about helping CFO’s figure out what they need to do and more importantly how […]

NetSuite Integrations Integration Options and Technology NetSuite cloud integration practices ensure the accessibility of your data by integrating through a wide array of tools by utilizing Open Standard API’s to communicate and exchange data with other applications. NetSuite provides SOAP and REST API frameworks, event notifications and callouts, CSV file imports, SQL connectors, integration solutions […]

CFO Guide 4 Inflation Metrics to Watch Now Inflation is here, and unless you were managing a business in 1982, you’re not used to planning for it. Inflation averaged just 1.7% in the 10 years prior to 2020 – that is below the Fed’s 2% objective and was a key factor in its loose monetary […]

NetSuite Order Management Flexible, Flawless Fulfillment Today’s business environment demands efficient, transparent and automated order fulfillment. It’s what differentiates your business and creates loyal customers who buy more and become brand advocates. NetSuite Order Management enables you to meet and exceed rising customer expectations for quick, accurate order fulfillment, while profitably scaling your business.   […]

Driving Inventory ROI: How CFOs Can Maximize Cash Flow and Minimize Loss With Better Visibility Into the Connection Between Inventory and Financials, CFOs Can Increase Profitability The right plan and the right technology can go a long way toward improving inventory decisions in a way that boosts cash flow. Finance chiefs need systems that provide […]

Inflation Nation 9 Creative Ways Product Companies Can Minimize the Impact The inflation rate jumped to 7% in 2021, and in a recent Conference Board survey, 55% of 900 CEOs said they expect price pressures to persist until at least 2023. Learn these 9 creative ways for B2B/B2C companies to minimize the impact of inflation. […]

3 Top CFOs Reveal Their Winning Formulas Finance Chiefs From Fast-Growing Businesses on Achieving Success, the Job and What the Future Holds It’s not exactly news that finance execs have taken on more strategic roles and earned prominent seats at the decision-making table. But what does that look like in practice? What challenges are they […]

8 Actions to Manage Inflation Expert-Backed Strategies for Proactive CFOs As consumer prices and global energy costs edge ever higher, it’s become clear that this bout of inflation isn’t transitory. Economists and business leaders alike agree that supply-chain-driven hikes will persist through the majority of this year at least, with stickier increases around labor possibly […]

Four Reasons to Use NetSuite Financial and Operational Data With NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Successful business modelling, forecasting, and reporting can be incredibly difficult parts of a business’s operations. Frequent swings in consumer demand or delays in supply chains can compound the difficulty. But fundamentally, without an accurate and reliable flow of transactional and operational […]