The CFO’s Guide to Structuring for Growth In 2020, necessity drove technology adoption, as well as the earnest effort to use it well. As the economy rights itself, technology adoption doesn’t feel quite as critical, though it’s still high on the priority list for many companies, according to our most recent survey, from December 2020. […]

NetSuite Supply and Demand Planning Easily Balance Demand and Supply Throughout Your Supply Chain NetSuite Demand Planning supports both demand and supply planning capabilities. NetSuite Supply and Demand Planning helps balance supply and demand in a way that provides businesses the right combination of cost control, accurate lead times and service level. Using inventory management […]’s-Guide-to-Cash-Management-FBLI.png

CFO’s Guide to Cash Management Managing cash flow has always been imperative for finance professionals but the supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, evolving customer expectations and interruptions in global trade of the past few years have brought it into sharp relief. Even as cash flow has taken on added importance, many businesses are still struggling […]

Managing Inventory for Your Services Business Managing inventory manually using pen and paper or spreadsheets is time consuming and error prone. Worse, some businesses aren’t tracking it at all. Services companies likely do not have a person dedicated to managing inventory and may not have someone dedicated to purchasing that inventory either. As a result, […]’s-Guide-to-ARAP-Automation-FBLI.png

The CFO’s Guide to AR/AP Automation As businesses go from dozens of customers to hundreds and eventually thousands, processes that once served the company well no longer support growth. Many finance teams routinely back funding updates that let business units scale efficiently while ignoring their own department’s process improvement needs.    The AR/AP team is […]

6 Steps to Reduce Carrying Costs and Increase Profits As supply chain disruptions continue to plague businesses, many are seeking to shift from temporary fixes to strategic long-term changes that will help them minimize the impact of supplier backorders, shipping delays and labor shortages.   Carrying costs are one of the hidden, variable expenses, that […]

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Flexible, Easy to Use Budgeting Solution Budgeting using spreadsheets typically results in less collaboration, more inefficiency and is error prone. Excel is a powerful personal productivity tool, however, it lacks the collaborative capabilities necessary to develop the accurate and comprehensive budgets required by executive management, the board or lenders. NetSuite Planning […]

Improving the Return on Returns 9 Strategies for Improving Reverse Logistics For many products-based companies, returned goods are an afterthought. They’re seen as simply a cost of doing business, and the fastest way to get rid of them is usually the preferred option.     Too often, recovering as much money as possible from these orders […]

Project Accounting Effectively Invoice Clients for Better Cash Flow and Customer Experience Knowing the correct amount to bill isn’t always easy. Billing for projects with multiple deliverables spread over weeks, months or even years requires detailed project tracking. Keeping an accurate record of tasks completed, hours worked, pass-through costs and other details is essential whether […]

How Data Management Makes Managing Marketplaces Easier Marketplace channels can help increase brand awareness and drive new sales, but managing all the data can also be a major maintenance undertaking for many sellers. NetSuite simplifies marketplace selling by becoming a central hub for all your company’s data. With the NetSuite Connector, you can automatically transfer […]