Deep Finance

Corporate Finance in the Information Age

Deep Finance is informative, enlightening, and embraces the innovation all around us – perfect for trailblazing CFOs ready to dive deep into an era of information, analytics, and Big Data.


In Deep Finance, you will:  

· Study the history of accounting—and why the age of analytics is the next logical step for all finance departments.

· Step into the age of artificial intelligence and view the pathway to a digital transformation.

· Expand your role as CFO by integrating business intelligence and analytics into your everyday tasks.

· Weigh the pros and cons of buying or building software to manage transactions, analyze and collect data, and identify trends. 

· Become a “New Age CFO” who can make better financial decisions and identify where your company is moving.

·  Develop the language to elevate your entire management team as you enter the age of artificial intelligence.


Take the first steps toward a digital transformation and evolution to a data-driven culture. Grab your copy of Deep Finance today!