How Data Management Makes Managing Marketplaces Easier

Marketplace channels can help increase brand awareness and drive new sales, but managing all the data can also be a major maintenance undertaking for many sellers. NetSuite simplifies marketplace selling by becoming a central hub for all your company’s data. With the NetSuite Connector, you can automatically transfer data between platforms to deliver a single repository for all customer, item, inventory, order and return information.


Download this guide to learn how the NetSuite Connector can help you:


  • Improve inventory management by managing your item master in NetSuite and updating your product catalog across marketplaces.

  • Automate order management and fulfillment by automatically sending orders to third party logistics, vendors or warehouse locations.

  • Provide seamless customer service with a unified view of every customer regardless of what channel they are interacting and transacting in.

  • Maximize profits and efficiency by eliminating the need to use different systems and reduce error in manual processes.