Participate in a small, classroom-type setting of up to five people led by an instructor. Undergo the SAP course of your choice withe the guidance of a globally certified consultant.


Learn at your own pace. Maximize the flexibility of your schedule and learn independently with online training. You will be provided with access hours to the available program of your choice.


Run your learning programs with ease. Gain access to SAP Learning Hub and accelerate time to value on your learning by utilizing up-to-date materials on the latest technological innovations.


As the first and only recognized SAP Education partner in the Philippines, the Kaisa Academy has years of experience in offering the SAP standard for certification courses.

Learn from the SAP-certified experts behind Kaisa’s 100% successful implementations as they lead courses that run for 20 to 25 days at Kaisa’s offices in Makati and Quezon City. Classes are held in small, intimate batches to ensure a dynamic and engaging classroom setup with group hands-on cases. At the same time, the environment remains conducive for short one-on-one focused learning sessions with the instructor.



The E-Academy program is an online version of the Academy program that supports a self-paced, independent style of learning.

Gain access to all the necessary materials you need for a program for a 2 to 5-month period with a corresponding number of access hours. A comprehensive FAQ support database and an India-supported Helpdesk are both readily available to answer any student concerns. This program is designed for working professionals who can maximize the flexibility of the program and finish it within the given 2 to 5-month timeframe. It is offered in Kaisa’s offices in Makati and Quezon City.



SAP Learning Hub is one of the largest, most comprehensive online learning programs to  deliver cloud- based training.

At a fixed subscription fee, the Hub can be delivered for a single individual or for thousands of users. Learners – both students and professionals alike – can quickly obtain up-to-date training materials for their selected business or technical topics without needing to schedule and travel to  training sessions.

Prepare for your next project or certification exam with a wide range of high-quality, relevant content and dynamic social-learning opportunities. SAP Learning Hub also gives you the option to avail of additional hands-on practice and maximize your learning efficiency within the SAP Live Access training environment.


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