In line with the pursuance of expanding product offerings, Kaisa Consulting acknowledges with appreciation its recently established partnership with marketing automation platform Resulticks.

Announcing its vision of broadening their presence in Southeast Asia, Resulticks launched series of Brand Exchange Events last September in Bangkok, Thailand, Jakarta, Indonesia, and Manila, Philippines as an avenue for the omnichannel marketing transformation. The said event highlighted perceptions on the omnichannel state of businesses of these countries as based upon the research they had conducted. Along with this, leaders and participants examined the continuing digital disruption, the transitioning expectations of customers, and the following steps which will lead enterprises to the omnichannel route. 

“Southeast Asia’s economic ascension and growing digital sophistication combine to make the region a key focus for our expansion. We’re looking to become local companies’ solution of choice as they seek to realize the full promises of omnichannel. The Brand Exchange events were a way for us to not only announce our growing presence, but highlight a new paradigm in customer engagement that will change the regional conversation,” Redickaa Subrammanian, CEO and co-founder, stated.

Similarly, Redickaa remarked that the Philippines is a key market for their expansion in which they wanted to position themselves as a key partner in the country’s growth plans. With this, she announced the official appointment of Ria Rodriguez-Bie as the Director for the partnership channels in the Asia Pacific. 

“Resulticks believes in strong partnerships. In [the] Philippines and across Asia Pacific, it is widely accepted that Partners/Resellers play a vital role in the huge success of any Technology or Product company like Resulticks,” said Bie.

“Kaisa has been a proven Catalyst. For the past 15 years, [Kaisa] has proven themselves in the area of Enterprise Resource Planning and systems integration. With Kaisa’s formidable relationships built through the years with decision makers and owners of companies, it will be easier to scale Resulticks and Kaisa can bring us to the boardroom easily”, Bie expressed in response to the new partnership between the two companies.

As an omnichannel marketing automation solution, Resulticks allows the recognition and engagement of brands with consumers, as well as establish maximized campaigns throughout multiple channels, such as social media, e-mail, and SMS, to assist seamless user journey. Resulticks is also the first Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to present an omnichannel rules engine for real-time communication. On top of this, data source integration can also be virtually conducted anywhere.

Charlie R. Villegas, Managing Director of Kaisa Consulting, also conveyed his excitement regarding the recently secured partnership with Resulticks.

“Resulticks is an omnichannel digital marketing solution that allows enterprises to engage more closely with its customers. Combined with Kaisa’s strength and expertise in ERP practice, Resulticks is indeed a good addition to our portfolio. We look forward to rolling this out to high-potential industries, such as consumer goods, telecommunications, and leisure,” he said.  

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