Due to the increasing sales profit, short-lived market values, and unpredictable customer expectations, Retailers cannot simply make second-guessed choices when concrete decisions are strongly needed. Businesses, both large and small, accumulate immense volumes of data that may be structured or unstructured. Given this circumstance, Retailers significantly need an approach which will help them coordinate data and visualize findings so they can quickly and efficiently draw conclusions.

As reported at the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit, Augmented Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are among the data and analytics game changers in business operations over the next three to five years. Acknowledged as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for seven consecutive years, Tableau is a platform for business intelligence and data analytics which helps people “see and understand data”. Focusing primarily on data visualization, Tableau offers a vast array of features– from accessing data warehouses to constructing graphs and visual charts in a multitude of different formats. As a result, more than 85% of the world’s leading retailers, together with over 8,000 retail and consumer goods companies, entrust Tableau in helping their data take action.

Functioning for different yet specific purposes, discover how Tableau can meet and resolve your various business needs.

1.       Tableau Desktop

With its visual analytics, Tableau Desktop allows you to comprehensively see your data by simply using drag and drop when identifying patterns and viewing summary results. Link your data whether on spreadsheet, database, or big data and be able to access data warehouses, cloud applications, and cloud databases all from a single software. Reshape data into effective interactive dashboards and securely share analyses on Tableau Server or Tableau online

·         Get actionable insights fast – Figure out imprecise insights using Tableau’s interactive dashboards and maximize the natural ability to quickly spot visual patterns.

·         Connect to more data – Connect to data in the cloud or on premise—be it cloud applications such as Google Analytics or Salesforce, big data, SQL database, and spreadsheet.

·         Answer deeper questions – Support details through trend analyses, regressions, and correlations whole being able to confidently ask new questions, identify opportunities, and create statistics-driven choices.

·         Put your data on the map – Automatically generate interactive maps and address both the ‘when’ and the ‘why’ of your data.

·         Let everyone in on it – Build a powerful narrative that encourages everyone you collaborate with to raise their own questions when evaluating fresh data through interactive visualizations.

2.       Tableau Prep

Breaking from the traditional method of data preparation, Tableau Prep offers a simple and straightforward way to combine, structure, and clean your data. With Tableau Prep, see all modifications and immediately return to any step of the process when finding and resolving issues without having to write a single line of code. Consisting of two products, Tableau Prep Builder is designed to build your data flows while Tableau Prep Conductor is designed to schedule, track, and manage flows.

Tableau Prep Builder:

·         A complete picture of your data – Easily communicate with data across three coordinated views, enabling you to see row-level data, column profiles, and the complete process of preparing data.

·         Immediate results – See data changes in an instant while being able to re-order steps and run tests without consequence.

·         Work smarter, work faster – Utilize smart features to solve usual data preparation issues with Tableau Prep Builder’s fuzzy clustering which transforms repetitive tasks into one-click operations.

·         Link to more data – Access database or spreadsheet whether in the cloud or on premise.

·         Stay in the flow – Publish output to Tableau Server or Tableau Online to share data with others in a controlled and protected manner.

Tableau Prep Conductor:

·         Share and run flows on your server – Publish and operate flows easily with prepped and up-to-date data in your server environment.

·         Schedule your flows – Schedule flows to run as needed and optimize the preparation of data processing in order to always have fresh data available for review.

·         Monitor flows across your server – Track flows using the same tools on Tableau Server then run histories to check the health of flows to easily resolve related problems.

3.       Tableau Server

Tableau server is an online hosting platform which houses all your Tableau workbooks in a safe and reliable environment. Examine data in Tableau Desktop and share the results securely in seconds with Tableau Server. Visual tools from Tableau Server help you administer and track everything from user permissions, data source access, to server status.

·         All your data – Safely connect to any data source and share it as live connections for everyone to use or as encrypted extracts.

·         Governance that empowers the business – Handle metadata and security standards while presenting shared data sources to users.

·         Security your way – Keep database secured with pass-through data connection permissions and administer authentication at user and group level.

·         Flexible deployment – Integrate data compliantly with Tableau Server, whether on site or in the cloud, with current data infrastructure.

·         Powerful monitoring and management – As an easy to scale and monitor platform, effortlessly supervise content, users, and performance while promptly managing permissions for data sources.

·         Better manage your data environment – Via Tableau Data Management, operate data within analytics environment while making sure that current data is utilized to accelerate decision making.

4.       Tableau Online

Through the cloud visual analytics, Tableau Online empower you and your organization to disclose and examine data from just about anywhere. Whether from the team or a customer, securely collaborate through your browser, tablet, or phone dashboards. Launch evaluation reports from Tableau Desktop and publish for others to view in Tableau Online.

·         Share and collaborate in the cloud – A cloud-hosted analytics tool that is easily accessible from a browser or on the go with mobile apps.

·         Skip the setup time and hardware cost – No need to configure servers, perform software upgrades, or measure hardware capabilities thanks to the completely integrated approach of Tableau Online.

·         Ask questions with natural language – Conveniently answer questions from any published data source by using your natural language.

·         AI-driven explanations for your data – Investigate perspectives you haven’t fully discovered through Explain Data–based upon advanced statistical models—and harness the ability  of AI  to illustrate data points.

·         Access anywhere, embed everywhere – Provide secured access to analytics for external teams and clients along with easily embed interactive dashboards on applications or on the web.

·         Dashboard Starters – Created to support you with actionable data which can be linked to popular web apps where you can easily make pre-built dashboards.

In today’s technology-driven industry, analytics allows companies the capacity to reshape past insights, forecast future outcomes, and establish the way on how to get the best possible outcome. Significantly stated by IDC, the world will bring about 50 times the amount of data from 2011 and 75 times the number of information sources in this present era, the year 2020. Nine years since this forecast, Tableau is continuously developing its software to address challenges and respond to these needs.

Now is the time to leverage the power and fruition of data for business advancement. Inquire Now and discover why Kaisa Consulting is a trusted partner with a team of experts in Business Intelligence and analytics.

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