Living in this present-day digital industry, companies continuously search for indicators which serve as a reminder whether new processes are to be adapted to business operations. To keep up in the modern digital platform, strengthening customer engagement is also one of the key aspects that identifies how to boost business flow. It is ideal then for businesses to find the right solution that can identify what customers’ might require.

But imagine having a software that beyond wondering what your customers might need, it already provides a blueprint based on experts in a particular industry and helps them build their own verticals instead?

This was based on a statement made by Harish Mohan, NetSuite global vice president for strategy and international operations, when SuiteSuccess was launched at SuiteWorld 2019. As a cloud solution designed to support emerging companies, NetSuite SuiteSuccess is built to serve all aspects of a business within a unified system.

With the recent shift towards a more templated, vertical industry solution, NetSuite through SuiteSuccess offers out-of-the-box functionality that are already customized to specific industries.

As a result of a multi-year transformation, SuiteSuccess is built to address specific problems which have traditionally restricted businesses to expand, scale, and respond to change. Most ERP providers attempt to resolve the industry challenges with templates, quick deployment methodologies, and custom code. NetSuite has taken a systemic approach to the issue and developed knowledge of the domain, leading strategies, KPIs, and an innovative approach to product adoption.

Below are SuiteSuccess’ Key Pillars:

  • Build – A full suite developed on the NetSuite cloud platform to serve modern business like ERP, CRM, PSA, omnichannel marketing, HR, and Business Intelligence (BI). SuiteSuccess continuously upgrades with cutting edge technologies and innovations to benefit many of today’s industries.

  • Engage – Leading standards for each field and role that includes workflows, KPI reports, dashboards and analytics. SuiteSuccess also has the ability to adapt from the initial sales contact to service continuance in which each engagement adds value at each stage.

  • Consume – An intelligent and structured approach through the industry stairway from NetSuite which helps companies to consume resources depending on their company needs. Via a re-imagined consumption model, improved ROI, quicker valuation time, and greater consumer adoption can be achieved.

  • Optimize – Customers benefit from ongoing engagements, improved pioneering practices, latest feature updates, value-added SuiteCloud partners, and stairway movements.

SuiteSuccess optimizes experience as the blueprints are tailored and provide the most beneficial activation to companies engaged in distribution, retail, manufacturing, non-profits, health, etc., Mohan added. Going to specifics, SuiteSuccess brings new warehouse management capabilities to assist customers in maximizing inventory management including inbound, outbound and inventory operations for wholesale distribution. On the other hand, SuiteSucess support manufacturers of all sizes by enabling customers to rapidly and conveniently create work orders, assemble items, and “make to order.”

In retrospect, customer success is not just making customers happy but building a strong engagements and being able to strengthen the whole customer experience. When modern and digital change accelerates, a positive outcome of introducing emerging technologies would usually imply a radical break from how things were performed in the past. With SuiteSucces, deliver an integrated and organized, intelligent approach while leveraging on your future sweet success.

About the author:

Eliza Tarlac is a content writer for Marketing. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude, major in English Language Studies from the University of Santo Tomas. As a writer, she is passionate in technical, academic, and creative writing where she strives to transform ideas and concepts to help businesses deliver their message and establish their brand.