Being a cloud-based marketing automation platform, Resulticks empowers companies to communicate with customers in a targeted and efficient way—from awareness to brand loyalty.

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Resulticks is a real-time conversation marketing cloud software that enhances customer acquisition, customer experiences, and brand loyalty of businesses worldwide. Generate and deliver targeted, contextual, and multi-dimensional messaging across all digital channels while tracking the effect on revenue and sales as well.



Enables brands to identify and interact with audience across touchpoints



Ensure optimized campaigns across multitude of channels and devices to facilitate seamless user journey.


Deliver delightful customer experiences and build customer loyalty.



Gives clarity on which digital channels are most productive and investment worthy.


A successful retail experience is when sales are improved, brand loyalty is built, and potential profits are expected. With Resulticks, achieve smooth transitions through a complex set of customer-focused tasks from marketing to purchase to post-sale service.

  • Lead customers to a seamless journey from awareness to brand loyalty through Resulticks’ huge database, organized omnichannel experience, and advanced analytics.

  • Integrate and examine accessible data to build unified customer perspective and persona for precise targeting of tailored messaging and promotions.

  • Participate in real-time conversations which assists customer brand experience creation based on preferences and present phase in the sale cycle.

  • Collaborate with customers, whether online or in-store shopping and purchase, through Resulticks’ omnichannel reach.

  • Monitor campaign performance, modify mid-stream changes, and improve marketing ROI with Resulticks’ advanced analytic tools.

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Real Estate

Since real estate clients are indeed digitally influenced by information loaded on the market, interactive experiences must be generated in every touchpoint. Through Resulticks, construct highly individualized interactions which extends through closing and beyond.

  • Engage prospects in real-time from search, consideration, negotiation, to occupancy with Resulticks’ tools and marketplace intelligence.

  • By solidifying data from every source, Resulticks’ help shape structure of lead scoring and target prospects based on property interests and behavior patterns.

  • Build consumer trust by directly reacting to price changes, new listings, competing bids, etc. in real-time.

  • Tailor messages based upon changing conditions in order to comprehensively enhance prospect experience throughout various channels

  • Obtain and account necessary data performance in tracking listings, inquiries, site visits, transaction schedules, etc.

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Beauty and Personal Care

It is important to recognize customer involvement and unique experiences throughout various platforms—from digital to phone, whether online or offline—in order to connect with present-day beauty shoppers. Drive growth through omnichannel individualization with Resulticks.

  • Sustain development and loyalty by enriching relevant real-time messaging, regardless of channel or device utilized.

  • Refine contextual insights that satisfy beauty consumers through the omnichannel journey leading to conversions and connections.

  • Merge untapped data sources in order to achieve a unified consumer view which is the key to meaningful, customized interaction.

  • Contextualize interactions with real-time intelligence which utilizes a sophisticated rules engine and optimizes reach and engagement.

  • Empower beauty brands through Resulticks’ tools and insights in order to remain up-to-date with present campaigns and initiatives.

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