Run your business in an intelligent ERP system


As a digital core, SAP S/4 HANA sets the standard for ERP solutions that allows businesses to keep up with the fast-paced digital economy. Eliminate the complexities of your most crucial business processes by streamlining your operations to increase overall productivity with a complete business solution built on S/4 HANA—SAP’s advanced in-memory platform.

Strategic Enablement

  • Reduce business complexity
  • Breach new markets and industries
  • Adapt and recognize your strategy swiftly

Business Benefits

  • Gain revenue increase through superior customer service
  • Boost productivity up to 10-15%
  • Achieve raise in operating margin

Risk Management

  • Real-time risk and fraud management
  • Financial compliance and tax optimization
  • Optimized audit management

Total Cost of Ownership

  • Deliver the project within weeks or months
  • 110x + faster data backup and restore
  • 50% to 70% faster operation reporting



Monitor the entire production process, from the conversion of raw materials to the finished goods, of your business with SAP S/4 HANA.

  • Evaluate operations cycle based on the current process structure and mechanism which can be synchronized across different production lines via SAP application.
  • Calculate for planned costs using established bills of materials (BOM) and routings that can be linked with actual consumption of raw materials and actual yield.
  • Produce different costing versions in order to validate the usage and consumption of production materials on the SAP software.
  • Mitigate operation losses by improving production process, equipment, and inspection of procured materials for vendor evaluation.


Streamline the production flow of your business-from unprocessed articles up to the actual distribution and sale of products and services.

  • Transform global and complex supply chain that recognizes, meets, and exceeds consumers’ demands and expectations.
  • Fill requests and provide gaps for specific materials across companies by ensuring availability with the ERP solutions of SAP.
  • Establish control in procurement to guarantee adherence to purchase contracts and avoid inaccuracies of inventory.
  • Simplify order management process from accredited, compliant vendors and institute quota systems for materials with multiple suppliers.
  • Provide a flexible and automated support in processing movements of goods and managing stocks in warehouses through SAP integration.


Align all financial activities to ensure consistency and balance of general accounting, auditing, annual reporting and the like with SAP S/4 HANA.

  • Digitize your enterprise’s financial management to better understand financial status and enhance collaboration with other business function.
  • Run on-the-fly financial analyses of huge data at any level of granularity through SAP finance.
  • Consolidate various subsidiary ledgers with general ledger for a single and accurate sum with SAP accounting system.
  • Enhance compliance and control by closing books in real time and running drill-down reports.
  • Simplify financial and accounting system through a single ERP platform for multi-currency, multi-GAAP, and multi-entity books.


Ensure contingency to the ever-changing business environment by systematically inspecting, detecting, and mitigating any challenges that may arise.

  • Allow businesses to have control on potential risks and failures that can derail or hasten the business continuity.
  • Avoid incidents of machine breakdowns that affect productivity and plant capacity with the help of the SAP platform.
  • Be pro-active in planning maintenance of equipment which can be synchronized with production plans.
  • Diminish production costs prompted by inconsistent and unreliable output which leads to rejects.
  • Reduce maintenance cost through task lists and with a more structured process while maintaining availability of repair resources.


Be able to efficiently restructure transaction and dissemination of products and services that is in line with trajectory forecasts in achieving business goals with the assistance of SAP S/4 HANA.

  • Streamline company’s value chain process in order to generate value while improving customer experience across all trade channels.
  • Build customer lists in order to track demands alongside allocated timetable through the SAP system.
  • Manage complex pricing structures in various groups and geographic locations.
  • Ensure commitment to the right amount of stocks available in accordance to customer expectations.
  • Allow control to online credit management system which notifies customers when updates on their account are needed in the SAP application.


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