Kaisa Consulting provides paramount professional management and consulting services in integrated enterprise solutions. We take pride in our proven track record of implementation experiences and strategic partnerships to provide quality business solutions to our clients worldwide. Backed by an employee base of expert consultants and a strong partnership with SAP, clients are guaranteed high-value solutions and committed support.

ERP Implementation

A comprehensive project implementation methodology that combines the time-tested ERP solution methodology with all the learning and experience in implementing other technology-based solutions.

  • Run a business-relevant and effective system by implementing a technology-based solutions through our tested and proven accelerators together with quality assuring processes.
  • Execute strategic and operational IT requirements of your business by engaging with our team of consultants specializing in Planning, Scoping, and Implementation services of SAP Solutions. Our consultants has expertise in business modelling, data architecture, applications infrastructure, and technical infrastructure.
  • Manage complex business operations through tailor-fit enterprise software that is implemented faster and smoother via SAP-recommended methodology.

Rapid Deployment Solution

Choose a fast, predictable, and affordable solutions deployment that adheres to SAP’s Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) methodology which was designed to avoid additional time and cost that traditional implementation entails.

  • Whether on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, RDS is recognized to be the best practice in software deployment and execution.

  • Boost productivity by implementing a business and self-sufficient application which in turn reduces technical difficulties.

  • Achieve a scalable business structure through an efficient IT infrastructure that easily adapts to your growing demands of your organization.

  • Ensure business continuity with a fast and established setup standards in implementing new systems which leads you to a digitally transformed organization.

Applications Development

Streamline your business operations and increase efficiency through personalized applications developed by competent IT professionals.

  • Gain competitive edge and increased market share through tailor-fit and consumer-oriented applications.

  • Acquire trained and tenured application development experts who execute innovative and customizable business tools for complex industries

  • Run automated and simple operation process through a highly functional application which customers, employees, and stakeholders can easily use.

  • Reduce time, cost, and risks regarding regular operations and maintenance of in-house IT team through outsourcing.

Application Management Service

Minimize overall business cost by utilizing support for your system and merely spend on crucial industry demands should it be deemed necessary.

  • Relieve IT resources by allocating more time and focus to urgent projects that affects your core business processes.

  • Decrease management costs, resolve business challenges, and prevent possible problems by having an experienced team of consultants provide long term solutions.

  • Support your business with skilled and competent experts in improving internal and external efficiency.

Resource Augmentation

Form a core team of consultants depending on standard business needs and complement it with the assistance from partner industries.

  • Be able to focus on core business matters and operations by outsourcing highly qualified experts

  • Reduce business costs by contracting additional SAP consultants based on the business demand.

  • Prioritize opportunities in providing quality services through our team that specializes in vast array of SAP solutions.

Infrastructure Management Services

Make technology the backbone of your business through a structured technical operation which lessens downtime yet intensifies productivity.

  • Improve business setup by centralizing hardware and network sources with designated software which in turn implements a simplified and responsive IT infrastructure.

  • Derive business insights by having access to real-time data and effectively analyzing key industry performance in an instant.

  • Increase the product and service output while reducing cost by automating key processes operated by a singular IT environment.

  • Utilize your hardware at its full capacity with a minimal maintenance and lifecycle management by having a single database.