When it comes to providing ERP solutions and business operations management, SAP is widely recognized and trusted worldwide for its expertise. As a result, the number of people considering SAP is rapidly increasing and because of this, IT professionals and career shifters aim for SAP as their initial or next career move. If you want to keep up in today’s vast and dynamic field of technology, being a certified SAP expert will then give you a competitive edge amongst industry contenders through the SAP certification.

The SAP certification is one of the most distinguished and highly regarded certifications in the IT industry today. The certification helps verify the knowledge and skills of SAP partners, application users, clients, and professionals who aspire to be positioned in an SAP environment. As a globally renowned certification, the SAP certification has become an established criterion in terms of various functions and duties.

Benefits of SAP Certification

By being a certified SAP professional, be able to:

  • Boost your IT career with a high level of SAP knowledge.
  • Be a recognized individual in your organization and in today’s industry with the right SAP competency.
  • Stand out among professionals in your field by being a qualified specialist with your SAP certification.
  • Increase the efficiency of your work by achieving your organization’s goals through the acquired knowledge on SAP solutions.
  • Demonstrate your SAP expertise in the global market with one of the most sought-after technology certifications.

Types of certification

Below are four types of certifications as offered by SAP:

1.Associate certification

Establishing that specific SAP system knowledge and skills are acquired successfully, this type of certification includes the basic knowledge criteria of an SAP consultant. By obtaining this certification at the Associate level, be able to attain a globally acknowledged symbol of competence, confidently and skillfully perform responsibilities, and standout in today’s competitive industry.

The examination for the Associate certification is composed of:

  • 80 Multiple Choice
  • Multiple response and Matching (pull-down) questions and answers
  • Maximum of 3 hours to complete

2. Delta certification

In order to assure that the knowledge and expertise of certified consultants are up-to-date, SAP provides the Delta examination where one is eligible after completing the prerequisite Associate exam for a particular solution.   

The examination for the Delta certification is composed of:

  • 40 Multiple Choice
  • Multiple response
  • Matching (pull-down) questions
  • Takes about 90 minutes

3. Specialist certification

This type of certification centers on a certain function or aspect of integration which is also essentially an addition to the prior associate certification.

The examination for the Specialist certification is composed of:

  • 40 Multiple choice
  • Multiple response and Matching (pull-down) questions
  • Takes about 90 minutes
  • Associate certification exam is a prerequisite*

4. Professional certification

The professional certification specifies established project experience, business process expertise, and an extensive comprehension of SAP solutions.

The examination for the Professional certification is composed of:

  • 80 Multiple Choice
  • Multiple response
  • Matching (pull-down) and scenario based questions and answers
  • Maximum of 3 hours to complete

SAP Certification Exams in the Cloud

In 2016, SAP Certification exams for cloud solutions including SuccessFactors, C4C, Ariba, and SAP Hybris are made accessible in the cloud—anywhere at any time for your convenience—through the Certification Hub. With the 12-month subscription period, receive 6 exam bookings where you are allowed to take 6 different exams or take a single exam up to 3 times. Every retake of an exam serves as one try out of the 6 attempts available. Furthermore, the Certification Hub offers an Associate and Professional Certification.

Don’t miss your chance in becoming a true and certified SAP expert. Being an SAP professional opens doors of opportunities and additional compensations for individuals while empowering companies with the right SAP knowledge and competency. Take the step and learn how to acquire your certification today.

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